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Only 1000 Explorers available to become a VIP

Unique Features for Explorer’s Holders

Always be one step ahead with Explorer’s exclusive features

Get Early Access

Get Early Access

Receive real estate offers 48h before others Algae’s members

Personnal Courses

Personnal Courses

Live coaching and online courses plateform reserved for VIP’s

VIP Community

VIP Community

Property tours IRL with VIP members and take part in ultra private events

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You are Struggling to Invest in Real Estate

Your are not alone, most of people cant invest too, and here is why.

Lack of Time

You Lack of Time

Stuck in your daily life, between metro, work and sleep, you would like to invest in real estate to free up your time and your money.

The problem is that you have absolutely no time to look for properties, let alone visit them and negotiate with each bank.

Your time is precious and the little that is available to you, you don't want to spend it on a physical real estate investment.

Lack of Knowledge

You Lack of Knowledge

Do you know in which city to invest, what type of property will suit you and how to finance it?

Real estate investment requires a lot of solid knowledge. It's not for everyone.

The amount of money you are putting at stake is far too important to afford any mistakes.

Lack of knowledge is the main barrier to invest in this market.

Lack of Access

You Lack of Access

There are many interesting properties in other countries around the world. You think you are limited to the country you live in? You are wrong.

But how to invest internationally? It requires to move, many times, and generate huge costs that add up to the price of the property itself.

International investment is possible, but unfortunately you don't have access to it with physical real estate.

Lack of Liquidity

You Lack of Liquidity

Real estate is a very illiquid investment. Indeed, the money you put into it is locked up for many years and requires a lot of paperwork and time to access it during the sale.

How would you handle it if you needed cash urgently overnight?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to sell your property in a few days.

And this can be very dangerous for your financial stability

Let’s Become An Explorer Holder

Join The Algae VIP community and start your real estate journey today.

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You’re Now an Explorer Holder, What’s Next ?

You will benefit from exclusive access dedicated only to VIPs


Access to Private Property Tours

Each property is hand selected, so it is certain to be an experience you will never forget, and will linger in your brain for years.

You will be able to 'virtually' smell the pine trees, hear the waterfalls, hear the snow crunch as you walk along...

That's the virtual tour.

Now, as we move forward, as a VIP you will be able to visit the properties in person at ultra private events.


Access to Premium Educational Content

Expand your knowledge and become self-sufficient in managing your investments with exclusive educational content from experts with decades of experience.

This will allow you to avoid the high costs of lawyers, asset managers, notaries... and to put this capital at the disposal of investments that really pay off.

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Say no to the exorbitant fees that use your misinformation.

Take back control of your investments by becoming competent with our VIP training courses.


Resell Your NFT and Make a Profit

You can compare Algae as a support group.

However the support group is not free and your money is lost forever. The Explorer, on the other hand, allows you to access the Algae community, and you can resell your NFT at any time hoping to make a profit.

The Explorer is not an expense but an investment. Its value can increase with time and bring you more.

Access to exclusive events to network and learn from the best speakers in these fields :

  • - Blockchain
  • - Investment
  • - Real Estate
  • - Personal Finance
  • - Personal Growth

Take Part to The Algae’s Adventure

Our values are why we are doing it.

To be a holder of an Explorer is to share the values of Algae. Strong values that we assume and that make us who we are.

First of all, adventure. This one allows us to discover ourselves permanently and to exceed our limits. The adventure allows our second value pillar which is the freedom.

What is life if we can’t live it the way we want? To reach our dreams is also to be free to do what we want with our one and only life.

Our third value is excellence. It is essential for us. It represents Algae in every way. To propose something qualitative to the of the simple sufficient.

We aim for excellence in each of our missions. The a-perfect is not Algae.

Our thirst for learning and caring for others allows us to always move forward with only the best.


Meet the Algae Team.

Here to serve you the best way.











Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this NFT for ?

This NFT is for anyone who wants to free up some time to live their own adventures!

I have never invested in real estate, is this NFT for me ?

The objective of this premium club is to bring together all investor profiles. We will discuss best practices, tips, mistakes to avoid... How to evaluate your buying capacity, your profitability, where and how to find the ideal property, how to negotiate with the seller and with your banker, rental management...

I do not have the means to invest. What can this NFT do for me ?

This ultra-private club will allow you to discuss the different solutions available for investing without a permanent contract or a substantial contribution. With these possibilities and the right amount of time and energy, I am convinced that everyone can become a homeowner!

Will the support really be maintained for life?

Yes, by purchasing this NFT, you will receive free access to my private support group and private channels.

Is it possible to resell this NFT on the secondary market ?

Yes, on platforms like Opensea, as soon as you want !

How to buy my NFT Explorer ?

- Create an account on MetaMask (watch this tutorial - Google Drive account needed to access)

- Buy Matic

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